Liquids: cream, raw-milk, skimmed milk, whey and concentrates in tankers.

Powders: skimmed milkpowder, wholemilkpowder, buttermilkpowder and blends, produced by us or produced on job production for us.

Butter: We are producing the whole range from 10 gr Portions up to 25 kg blocks.
As one of the biggest producers in Germany, we are proving our strength every day.

Cheese: Edam, Gouda, Tilsit, Emmental, Baski, Cagliata in blocks, loaves, pieces or slices. Mozzarella/Pasta filata in bars.

Organic products: Above stated products can also be offered as organic products.

Ayran/Yoghurt: in 250ml cups and Joghurt in 1 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg packaging

UHT-milk: in 1 Liter packaging with different fat content



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